Chad Pike Earns Top Salmon Conservation Honor

Photo Credit: Neville Crabbe/ASF

The 2018 Lee Wulff Salmon Conservation Award was presented to Chad R. Pike, chair of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (U.S.), for his key role in negotiating the recently signed agreement to suspend Greenland’s commercial salmon fishery for 12-years. A ceremony was held last night in New York at ASF’s annual Board of Directors dinner. Pictured from left are John Dillon, chair of the Atlantic Salmon Federation (U.S.), Chad Pike, and Bill Taylor, president of the Atlantic Salmon Federation.

Pike played key role in securing Greenland Salmon Conservation Agreement

Chad R. Pike has been named this year’s recipient of the Lee Wulff Salmon Conservation Award. Given annually by the Atlantic Salmon Federation (U.S.), the Lee Wulff Award honors outstanding contributions to salmon conservation at a national and international level.

Pike, who chairs the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (U.S.), was chosen for his role in helping secure a new 12-year suspension of Greenland’s commercial salmon fishery, an agreement that will save thousands of wild Atlantic salmon destined for North American and European rivers every year. ASF and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund partnered to negotiate with the union representing Greenland fishermen and now share responsibility for funding the agreement.

“Chad was instrumental during the strategic talks with fishermen that stretched over several months and he has offered incredible support to ensure the success of this deal,” said ASF President Bill Taylor.

Pike became chairman of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (U.S.) following the death of the organization’s founder, Orri Vigfusson, in July 2017. Vigfusson pioneered the concept of private salmon conservation agreements. Some of his successes include a 1992 buy-out of the Faroe Islands salmon fishery that is still in place today, and earlier deals with Greenland fishermen that involved ASF. Pike is determined to carry on this work.

“North Atlantic salmon face critical threats and it’s up to all of us to pool our resources, knowledge, and time to ensure that it avoids extinction. In Greenland, we’re working hard to help fishermen see past the current fishing season, to appreciate salmon as a source of sustainable, long-term income through thoughtful fisheries management,” said Pike.

“It’s difficult work that goes beyond quota setting,” he explained. “It requires understanding communities, their histories and hopes. It requires seeing opportunity where others see obstruction. Most importantly, it requires the dedication of many in order to forge lasting solutions. I would like to dedicate this award to all those, past and present, who have made the current Greenland conservation agreement possible.”

The award was presented to Chad Pike last night at ASF’s annual Board of Director’s dinner in New York. The Lee Wulff Salmon Conservation Award is named for the famous angler, artist, and conservationist who is often credited with inventing live release fishing. Wulff was an officer of the Atlantic Salmon Federation and an important early voice in the conservation movement.

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The Atlantic Salmon Federation was formed in 1948 to conserve, protect, and restore wild Atlantic salmon and their environment.

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